Chef demos

Join us in the Farmers Market kitchen theatre throughout the weekend for cookery demonstrations from some of Norfolk's top chefs

Saturday 27th July 2019

Charlie Hodson

Saturday 10:45am
Charlie Hodson & Ruddy Muddy

Saturday 12 noon
Candice Robertson, Candi's Chutney

Richard Bainbridge

Saturday 1pm
Richard Bainbridge, Benedicts

Mason Wooltorton

Saturday 2pm
Mason Wooltorton

Saturday 3pm
Dan Smith, The Ingham Swan

Saturday, 4pm
Simon Hunter Marsh, Forager

Sunday 28th July 2019

Sunday, 11am
A De Piff - The Spice Man



Sunday 12pm
Alex Clare, The Ingham Swan

Sunday 1pm
Ashley Williamson, Benedicts

Sunday 2pm
Roger Hickman, Roger Hickman's Restaurant

Sunday 3pm
Steve Norgate, Beechwood Hotel